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​ò line emphasizes a blend of urban commercial appeal with a strong focus on practicality. It's designed for the everyday, for the people who seek the quality and innovation of our main line but with a more approachable and utilitarian edge. These are garments that honor the balance between form and function, providing wearable solutions without compromising on the stylistic DNA that our brand is known for.

Each piece within this line is an accessible entry point into our world, capturing the essence of our brand's vision in a more subdued yet equally compelling format. It's a collection where ease meets sophistication, where everyday attire is elevated to something more meaningful and connected to our overarching story of fashion as a form of expression.

In sum, our secondary line is not an afterthought but a deliberate and strategic extension of our brand, crafted to meet the demands of a dynamic, urban lifestyle while staying true to our commitment to quality, design, and the narrative that stitches together every piece we create.

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